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A Christmas Journey to Bethlehem (21:27)
On Moody Radio’s “This is the Day,” Pastor Ray retells the Christmas story in four short segments interspersed with Christmas music.
A Cup of Cold Water (26:00)
Jesus forgets what we remember. And he remembers what we forget.
A Man Called Jesus (30:58)
Who is Jesus Christ? If you want to go to heaven, you need to know the answer to that question.
A Man Called Peter (35:21)
Peter’s story proves that God delights to choose unlikely heroes. We all know Peter very well because we see him every morning when we look in the mirror.
A Man Not Afraid to Die (33:32)
Whatever is on the inside must come out.
A Place to Begin (44:21)
If you don’t know God, you’ve missed the very reason for your own existence.
A Place to Belong (36:33)
What happened in Acts 2 is not unique. It is possible whenever the church is the body of Christ and not simply an institution.
A Place to Pray (20:06)
We must learn to pray as if our lives depended on it – because they do.
A Place to Serve (34:36)
Anyone can be great because anyone can serve.
A Place to Share (32:20)
No one lives forever. The only choice we get is what we do with what we have been given.
A Question for Jesus (38:05)
If Christ has really been born, why is the world so messed up? Why aren’t things better by now?
A Tale of Two Men (32:08)
How do you know which religion has the truth? Find the one whose founder rose from the dead.
A Time to Die (28:11)
A special Good Friday program for American Family Radio.
A Time to Remember (24:18)
A Memorial Day broadcast for American Family Radio.
Abstain! A Serious Call to Moral Purity (38:26)
No message is more needed in the evangelical church today.
Accidental Cross (40:37)
Have you ever found the cross of Christ? Has the cross of Christ ever found you?
Accidental Cross: AFR Good Friday Special (24:17)
Sometimes you find the cross. Sometimes the cross finds you.
AFR Memorial Day Special: Next Man Up (24:18)
Will you be God’s next man up?
All In (50:44)
Are you "all in" on Jesus?
Amazing Grace (33:59)
Do you know the six words that can take you to heaven?
America, the Handwriting is on the Wall (24:16)
A 4th of July special message for American Family Radio.
Angry Man Alert (36:26)
Ray Pritchard speaks challenges men to face their anger so that with God’s help, they might become truly “gentle men.”
Angry Times (46:52)
Chris Fabry and Ray Pritchard discuss how to keep your cool when everyone else is losing theirs.
Answers to Tough Questions About the Faith (15:24)
Pastor Ray talks to Eric and Brigitte on Moody Radio about questions raised by high-profile Christians who have recently left the faith.
Apostle of the Broken Heart (39:46)
Doubt can be the prelude to an even deeper faith in God.
Are You a Verbal Assassin? (37:31)
It’s easy to think a message like this doesn’t apply to us, but it does.
Are You Going to God’s Party? (31:50)
Will you say yes to God’s invitation?
Are You In or Out? (43:58)
Don’t waste your one and only life.
Are You Satisfied With God? (41:31)
How many of us could say that we are satisfied with the Lord and how he has dealt with us?
Are You the One? (35:20)
Is Jesus the Savior we need? Christmas is God’s answer to that question.
Are You Willing to Wait for God? (39:51)
You Redeemer is on the way. He’s just not working on your schedule.
Arrows From Heaven (42:02)
In this message Ray and Marlene Pritchard share lessons they have learned from 34 years of marriage and raising three sons.
As for Me and My House (45:49)
We must choose daily to serve the Lord.
Asymmetric Spiritual Warfare (33:37)
Using the war on terror as a backdrop, this sermon explains how Satan attacks us asymmetrically. He works the angles and uses many small attacks in order to bring us down. Unless we understand Satan’s strategy, we will be defeated over and over again.

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