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Hold Lightly What You Value Greatly (47:24)
You can stop trying to hold on to things when you figure out that they never belonged to you in the first place.
The Host Who Forgot His Manners (47:28)
We might call this story “the preacher and the prostitute” because it’s a lesson about pride and humility. It’s also about how God welcomes those who aren’t ashamed to admit how much they need him.
Ten Sleepy Virgins (31:32)
No one can “borrow” another person’s faith. One day you will stand before the Lord and he will say, “Why should I let you into my heaven?” What answer will you give?
Interview with Franklin Graham - May 21, 2010 (41:53)
Ray Pritchard and Tim Wildmon interview Franklin Graham about his father’s new book “Storm Warning”.
The Desperate Prayer of a Desperate Man (36:07)
God puts us in desperate places so that we will call on him.
Will Everyone Eventually Be Saved? (37:33)
If God didn’t move in mercy, we would all end up in hell.
The Host Who Forgot His Manners (30:00)

It’s not how much you sin, but how deeply you feel it that matters. (Sermon)

How God Helps a Caveman (42:55)
If you keep your eyes open for God, pretty soon you’ll see him everywhere.
Empty on the Inside (38:18)
If you don’t know God, it’s not God’s fault. God has already done everything necessary for you to have a relationship with him.
Homemade Gods (37:08)

The only lasting cure for idolatry is a fervent love for God. The hardest step is seeing our idols in the first place. (Sermon)

The Forgotten Doctrine of Salvation (34:05)
The Gospel invitation begins with repentance. The first step in becoming a Christian is changing your mind about Jesus Christ.
Here Comes the Judge (31:22)
The gospel contains a word of warning, and we are not being faithful to God unless we include that warning in our witnessing.
Some Sneered, Others Questioned, A Few Believed (35:57)
Even Athens needs the gospel, and even in Athens God has his people ready to respond.
How to Pray Like Paul (53:57)
Pastor Ray and Susie Larson discuss how to improve your prayers by learning to pray like the Apostle Paul.
The King Who Went Crazy (36:52)
If we choose not to listen to God, then he simply turns up the volume until he has our undivided attention.
The Gospel and 9/11 (18:06)
Pastor Ray discusses the gospel in light of 9/11 with Nancy Turner on “This is the Day.”
How Can I Learn to Forgive? (33:14)
Forgiveness is not easy, but it is necessary, and must be practiced continually.
Sleeping With the Enemy (37:47)
Sometimes godliness is measured by holding on when it would be easier to give up.
The Curse of Moderate Christianity (43:50)
How do you become lukewarm? Do nothing!
The Unidivided Heart (46:47)

Until you admit you need God’s help, you will be stuck exactly where you are. (Sermon)

Guess Who’s Coming to Dinner? (40:48)
If you believe that you are a “little sinner,” then all you need is a “little Savior.”
Walk, Walk, and Keep on Walking (42:51)
Do you want to grow in Christ? Just keep on walking in the right direction.
Franklin Graham on AFR (18:01)
Franklin Graham talks about his father’s latest book and why the gospel is still Good News for the whole world.
Why I Believe in Angels and Demons (37:38)

There is a world beyond this world filled with spirits both good and evil. (Sermon)

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