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One Sleepless Night (21:46)
From the story of Jesus praying in Gethsemane we learn something about God’s will, something about temptation, and something about the high cost of our salvation.
Journey to Bethlehem (16:06)
Pastor Ray joins Nancy Tuner on WMBI-FM to talk about the events of the first Christmas There are segments on Caesar Augustus, Mary, Joseph and the birth of Jesus.
Overcoming Loneliness (30:16)
In this Christmas sermon Pastor Ray focuses on the phrase “God with us.” There are three words in that phrase and each one teaches us something about who Jesus really is.
If Christ Had Not Come (31:51)
What if Christ had not come? This message explores the importance of Christmas by examining what the world would have lost if Christ had not come.
What is the Meaning of Life? (43:53)
Host Tim Wildmon got the ball rolling by asking, “What is the meaning of life?” Ray Pritchard and Marvin Sanders provide biblical insight to this age-old question.
Sound the Trumpet! Jesus is Coming Again (30:34)
Christians have always believed that one day Christ will return to the earth. It is the climax of our creeds and the final proof of the sovereignty of God over human history.
The Day God Died (27:32)
When Jesus died on the cross, he took our place, bore our punishment, and the paid the price for our sins so that we might be saved. Without his death, we could never be saved.
Going All In (36:17)
Sooner or later, we all have to commit ourselves regarding the resurrection of Jesus Christ. Being a Christian means going “all in” that Jesus really did rise from the dead.
Six Hours That Changed the World (27:35)
Relive the six hours Jesus spent on the cross as we focus on his Seven Last Words. From the words of the dying Savior we discover the truth that brings us life.
A Question for Jesus (38:05)
If Christ has really been born, why is the world so messed up? Why aren’t things better by now?
Eighth-Day Savior (27:47)
What would it cost Jesus to be the Savior of the world? He paid for our sins with the price of his own blood. Jesus is just one week old, and already he enters into the pain of human existence.
Why Good People Don’t Go to Heaven (37:56)
You can go to heaven if you are willing to stop trusting your goodness and start trusting in Jesus Christ.
The Day Before the End of the World (36:57)
If this be the day before the end of the world, let it be a day in which we say, “Not less for Jesus, but more.”
A Tale of Two Men (32:08)
How do you know which religion has the truth? Find the one whose founder rose from the dead.
What the Cross Meant to Satan (33:09)
At the cross Satan was disarmed, disgraced and defeated. “Lo! His Doom is sure. One Little word shall fell him.”
Interview with Franklin Graham - May 21, 2010 (41:53)
Ray Pritchard and Tim Wildmon interview Franklin Graham about his father’s new book “Storm Warning”.
Overcoming Boredom (38:01)
There is no one unhappier than a 20% Christian.
Overcoming Materialism (37:38)
What you keep for yourself, you eventually lose. What you give away, you gain eternally.
Overcoming Discontentment (37:48)

Let God define your life, not earthly circumstances. (Sermon)

Overcoming Lingering Bitterness (39:35)

In God’s plan, even our enemies serve a good purpose. (Sermon)

Heart of a Champion (37:48)

The key to your future is found in your daily routine. (Sermon)

Just Say No (39:07)
God honors those who dare to say no.
Is Jesus the Only Way to Heaven? (41:46)
Will we have the courage to believe an unpopular doctrine?
Playing With Fire (31:02)
No one goes to hell except those who truly deserve to be there.
The Whole Bible in 30 Minutes (30:00)
Could you tell the story of the Bible in 30 minutes? Here’s one way to do it.
The King Has Come! (42:42)
Jesus stands at the end of life’s road for all of us. In the end there can be no middle ground.
Do You Love People? (40:42)
If we don’t love people, how much do we really love Jesus?
Rejoicing in the Truth (37:12)
The hardest truth to face is the truth about yourself.
When You Are Falsely Accused (35:20)
Before you get angry, remember that we are going to heaven because a good man was falsely accused.
Lessons for Modern-Day Sowers of the Word (56:08)
Good soil can be hard to find, but when you find it, amazing things can happen.
Beyond Your Dreams (36:47)
God is able to do whatever it takes to answer our deepest prayers.
The Man Who Would Be King (30:00)

Light received leads to more light. Light rejected leads only to the darkness. (Sermon)

The Apostle Who Would Not Believe (35:04)
There is no doubt like the doubt of a broken heart. 
He Doesn’t Need Your Help (35:53)
The gospel begins with God. It doesn’t begin with Jesus or with us. The divine plan of salvation begins with the God who designed it.
Here Comes the Judge (31:22)
The gospel contains a word of warning, and we are not being faithful to God unless we include that warning in our witnessing.
The Blessing No One Wants (45:51)
Even in the most difficult moments, God’s people can rejoice because he is at work doing something important in them.
He Became Sin for Us (33:19)
Sometimes we forget how powerful the gospel is and how easy it is for sinners to be saved.
Franklin Graham on AFR (18:01)
Franklin Graham talks about his father’s latest book and why the gospel is still Good News for the whole world.
Why I Believe in Jesus Christ (31:01)

If Jesus is the Lord from heaven, then you dare not remain neutral. (Sermon)

Who is This Man? (38:20)
You cannot ignore Jesus forever.
A Man Called Jesus (30:58)
Who is Jesus Christ? If you want to go to heaven, you need to know the answer to that question.

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