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The Hardest Doctrine To Believe (52:54)
The resurrection of the body means that when God saves us, he saves the whole person—body, soul and spirit. It also means that we will see again our loved ones who died in the Lord.
Cannon Beach Q and A (54:41)
Ray and Marlene Pritchard led a question and answer session at Cannon Beach Conference Center. Questions ranged from predestination to prayer to what is at stake in the presidential election.
Sheep on the Right, Goats on the Left (34:13)
Jesus forgets what we remember. And he remembers what we forget. You can find the whole gospel in those two sentences.
Can We Still Believe in Life After Death? (46:46)
Our hope for the future rests not in science, not in speculation, not in some proof text, but in the character of God himself!
War in Heavenly Places (48:10)
Are you tempted to quit? Pick up your armor and get back in the battle. When the day is done, you will be standing on the victory side.
Playing With Fire (31:02)
No one goes to hell except those who truly deserve to be there.
Inside the Pearly Gates (30:23)
No one will ever be sorry they ended up in heaven.
Will Everyone Eventually Be Saved? (37:33)
If God didn’t move in mercy, we would all end up in hell.
God’s Guarantee (39:39)
The Holy Spirit is the “first installment” of our salvation. He is God’s “deposit” in our lives, guaranteeing that God will one day finish what he has started.
Empty on the Inside (38:18)
If you don’t know God, it’s not God’s fault. God has already done everything necessary for you to have a relationship with him.
Here Comes the Judge (31:22)
The gospel contains a word of warning, and we are not being faithful to God unless we include that warning in our witnessing.
Some Sneered, Others Questioned, A Few Believed (35:57)
Even Athens needs the gospel, and even in Athens God has his people ready to respond.
Where Grace and Wrath Meet (43:29)
Because of the cross, salvation is now entirely free.
He Became Sin for Us (33:19)
Sometimes we forget how powerful the gospel is and how easy it is for sinners to be saved.
The Fool on the Hill (27:51)
In this life there are many roads a person may travel, but only one that leads to heaven.
What is a Real Christian? (29:28)
What’s the difference between a real Christian and a religious person?
What Happens When We Die? (31:33)
What happens when we die depends on what happens before we die.
The Church Christ Prefers (55:26)
Little strength and great opportunity often go hand in hand. 
Soul for Rent (25:30)
Reformation without regeneration leads to a terrible fate.
Are You Going to God’s Party? (31:50)
Will you say yes to God’s invitation?
How Will You Be Remembered? (49:36)
Your death cannot nullify God’s faithfulness.
Franklin Graham on AFR (18:01)
Franklin Graham talks about his father’s latest book and why the gospel is still Good News for the whole world.
Whose Wife Will She Be? (55:33)
Cheer up, child of God! The best is yet to come. 
One Thing We Won’t Do In Heaven (32:03)

If want to take people with us to heaven, we have to tell them about Jesus now.  (Sermon)

Why I Believe in Heaven and Hell (31:34)

You will live forever somewhere! If you intend to go to heaven, you need to do something about it now. (Sermon)

Why I Believe in the Second Coming of Christ (30:23)

If this really is the terminal generation, the smartest thing you can do is to give your life 100% to Jesus Christ. (Sermon)

How Will You Be Remembered? A Memorial Day Meditation (24:18)
Death cannot exhaust the promises of God.

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